Our good friend Peter from BBNews.pl had the opportunity to experience the upcoming M:IQ service from Best Buy. Here is, in verbatim (and english), his first impressions:

I must admit that I was quite skeptical of the emerging service M:IQ. Just the idea seemed to be too … perfect, but it remains feasible. Today, quite recently, I managed
to get an invitation to this program, and it was not written anywhere
that I can not share experiences with anyone – just a few of them.

After installation, synchronization, and logging on was the first impression could be only one thing: WOW! All
contacts synchronized with the ability to sort, ripped all the pictures
and wallpaper and nicely presented in the form of a small slide show on
the main page (as well as contacts – see below). The ability to change the status on Facebook and … information, such as the level of the phone memory is full! This can be very useful, when we know that the pictures from the phone immediately goes to the site and we can have it discarded. Pictures can be shown to other users of social networking sites with one click, just like we can send it by mail!

for calendar and contacts – we have virtually a full opportunity to
change contact information (as well as adding new ones), as in the case
of the calendar. The only calendar application,
the only drawback is the inability to choose e-mail address to which
the event is to be assigned (for people using more than one calendar) –
the event goes straight to the primary calendar.
. .
Synchronization occurs in real time, provided of course run background applications on the BlackBerry.
Apparently it is also possible to manage and send SMS from this site, unfortunately in my case it failed to import any messages.
. .
must admit that the site developers are on track to create a universal
(not just BB), a wireless backup space, sharing photos, videos and
other files. Nor can we ignore the possibility of creating calendar entries, and editing contacts, together with their immediate sync!
. .
The authors promise to premiere on the 12th of October, however, you can sign up in advance and hope they select group of testers. I assure all – it is worth it! Especially because it is (up to) 1GB for free!