Misfit Swarovski Shine: It doesn't get any more stylish than this.

Misfit Swarovski Shine: It doesn’t get any more stylish than this

What’s better than an already stylish fitness tracker? The answer seems obvious — an even more stylish fitness tracker.

And Swarovski and Misfit collaborated to come up with exactly just that.

Though Misfit has already built a reputation for creating stylish fitness trackers that are built with impressive functionality, it still went ahead and upped its game one notch when it created the Misfit Swarovski Shine.

So what’s one to expect the Swarovski Shine other than a lot of sparkles, you ask?

A lot, surprisingly.


Because the Swarovski Shine is no lesser a Shine than the device’s original version, it’s packed with all things Misfit — and that is to say, exceptional functionality at its best.

The Misfit Swarovski Shine can compete head-on with all other superior fitness trackers that claim to be supreme over all others — what with all the features that the Misfit Shine has armed itself with.

This device is equipped with the ability to track just about any mainstream athletic activities under the sun — from playing basketball, to cycling, to running, swimming, playing tennis, and walking. It can monitor these activities pretty well just so long as one doesn’t forget to triple tap on the device itself before proceeding to start with any of these activities.

The Swarovski Shine counts one’s steps quite accurately, too. This is pretty impressive because Misfit has made the device’s being a ‘smart jewelry that can be worn everyday’ it’s actual main selling point — and this fact proves the company’s claim actually hold true.

Ups and Downs

One feature that the Misfit Swarovski Shine possesses that is likely to go to waste, however, is its ability to track its user’s sleep.

Because this is a type of fitness tracker that is disguised as a jewelry — and no one really ears jewelries to sleep — it renders the feature rather useless.

Unless users are willing to make do with the sports band that comes with it, that is.

The Misfit Swarovski Shine boasts of a six-month battery life that’s considered not so bad after all, though it’s important to note that most of the features that come with this fitness tracker can only be previewed on an actual handheld device, as the wearable itself does not bear a screen or anything that closely resembles it.

What it does is accurately indicate the time through a circle of LEDs, with a number of them blinking to show the minute hand. It can, however, indicate its user’s progress towards his or her daily activity goal through a double tap on the plate that bears this LEDs.


This device is compatible with most iPhones as well as Android phones and has a list of Android phones that it is actually compatible with — most of them being in the Android 4.3 and above category.


As for the device’s cost, it’s no surprise that it’s just as elegantly priced as it is designed, knowing that the actual jewels that sit on its straps are made by no less than Swarovski itself.

The Misfit Swarovski Shine’s prices start at $169.

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