Mobidia Technology, Inc., a provider of mobile analytics, today released new insight into mobile usage of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) application for Android. Mobidia’s data demonstrates BlackBerry’s success in entering the stand-alone, social messaging application space 2 weeks ago, but also highlights the highly competitive and fragmented market. The data shows the growing number of messaging applications that smartphone users continue to adopt as a primary means of communication.

An analysis of BBM usage from Oct. 27 to Nov. 2, when the application first became available on the Android and iOS platforms, reveals the following trends:

  • BlackBerry successfully leveraged its existing network of BBM users to realize a significant penetration of the new application into the Android market during its first week of availability.
  • The BBM penetration level was 6 percent of the Mobidia global sample, which is significant for an application’s first week of availability.
  • This penetration level is still low, however, relative to that of other popular messaging applications, including WhatsApp, KakaoTalk and Skype.
  • Users of the new BBM application also showed a significant level of usage in the first week.
  • The average BBM for Android user spent 79 minutes using the app during the first week, which is more usage time than many other messaging apps.
  • However, this usage time trailed leaders in the mobile messaging application space, including WhatsApp and KakaoTalk.
bbm-chart-1 bbm-chart-2

“Our early analysis of BBM users within our global sample of millions of smartphone users suggests both opportunities and challenges for BlackBerry in the crowded mobile messaging app space,” said Chris Hill, vice president of marketing at Mobidia. “Mobidia’s unique methodology for discovering and understanding trends in the mobile industry allowed Mobidia to provide an early view of BBM usage, but tracking this usage over time is what will help to better understand BlackBerry’s longer term prospects in the market. And Mobidia has the data and platform to enable this understanding.”

With a global set of data provided by millions of smartphone users, Mobidia is able to provide mobile operators, application vendors and the global mobile industry ecosystem with detailed and unique insight into subscriber behavior around data- and application-specific usage on all the networks to which smartphones and tablets connect, including mobile cellular and LTE, roaming and Wi-Fi.

For more information about Mobidia’s mobile data, you can visit Mobidia’s website, where you will find detailed whitepapers, or Mobidia’s Blog for periodic updates on data and analysis of mobile usage.