Yesterday we saw Cannacord analyst Mike Walkley correct himself after he originally slashed sales estimates from 1.7 million units to just 300 thousand. Of course we here at N4BB told you that that numbers were extremely inaccurate and that the reason behind the cuts were not justified.

After reading Mr. Walkley’s comments yesterday, I once again find myself baffled by his erroneous reports. He claims that T-Mobile will only carry the Z10 and Sprint only the Q10. While Sprint will only carry the Qwerty BlackBerry10 device, (you can blame Apple for that) the further could be true for T-Mobile. Yesterday at #BEF13 we spoke with company reps who told us that indeed the magenta carrier is planning to offer the Q10 sometime in May.

We here at N4BB couldn’t be more excited about BlackBerry’s latest Qwerty device and are glad to hear that T-Mobile is fully supporting the new platform. Like I said previously, you will hear a lot about the doom of this company but we will always be here to bring you the facts!


T-Mobile customers are you excited for the Q10? Lets us know in the comments!