These days companies have go to make use of responsive web design if they want to keep up to date with the latest technology. With so many people using their mobile phones for gaming, banking, shopping and social interaction, it’s important that sites work equally well on any device.

When sites are not mobile-ready, they are difficult to use and don’t work well with a small mobile screen. You will have noticed when a desktop version of a site has loaded, because the text will be small and you’ll have to zoom in and out a lot and scroll around to find what you’re looking for.

In the gaming industry mobile-ready sites are a particularly big news, because more and more people are playing games on their phones. When it comes to gaming it’s really important that the graphics and interface work correctly, so that users have the best possible gaming experience.

This is why Gala Casino have recently launched a new version of their mobile web app. Their original web app was praised for being easy to use and having great graphics, but technology has advanced since then and so it was time for a new version.

Like their old app, the new Gala Casino Mobile web App was created using Playtech software, which means it has a smooth interface that works well on mobiles. The new mobile app has more games and more features than the original app and players can try table games, casino games and slots, as well as a Live Casino experience.

Kasper Trier, Casino Director at Gala said:

“Mobile gaming is absolutely at the top of our agenda this year. We wanted to make Gala’s app across mobile and tablet the best in the industry so we took previous feedback on board and have built in even more features so that users can find their favourite games quicker. By building the apps in HTML5, we’re now able to offer a super quick performance both on mobile and tablet, setting us apart from other gaming brands”.

Some companies create mobile apps just so they can stay ahead of the curve, without adding any extra features of benefits, but the Gala Casino app is a great platform in its own right. It has been shortlisted by industry experts eGaming Review in their 2014 award category ‘Innovation in Mobile and Tablet’, so obviously they have a done a good job.

Users can also enjoy free spins and get cashback when they play slots. The new Gala Casino App version 2.3 asks customers to create a username and password, which protects their account and keeps their financial details safe. The username and password mean that users can log in quickly and easily.