T-Mobile has informed that have restored wireless service in key areas of Manhattan that were affected by the power outage caused by hurricane Sandy. They have deployed temporary cell sites atop the company’s major switching facility located in Tribeca. T-Mobile is currently providing coverage from a single location and has restored services in parts of Manhattan where the power is now available. Let us know if and how you were affected by hurricane Sandy in the comments below.

T-Mobile Statement:

Today T-Mobile has restored wireless service to customers in many key areas of Manhattan impacted by an ongoing power outage through the deployment of temporary cell sites atop the company’s major switching facility in Tribeca. Leveraging new technology capabilities, we are able to provide broad coverage from a single location, ahead of power restoration to the hundreds of cell sites that normally serve this area.  The company has also restored service in parts of Manhattan where power has become available, including the East Village, Lower East Side, Chelsea and around the World Financial Center.The size, scope, and impact of hurricane Sandy are unprecedented in the U.S. in terms of geographic area, location, and population density. Ahead of the storm, T-Mobile’s rapid response engineering teams staged equipment in and nearby the areas most severely impacted by storm, such as lower Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, coastal and Northern New Jersey, and we are continuing to work around the clock to restore service.