BlackBerry has a few competitors out there in the Mobile Device Management space. As companies open up to allows their employees to bring their own mobile devices, or even just support a broader range of options within the enterprise, competitors like MobileIron, Good and VMWare have come to the scene to more or less suck BlackBerry’s blood.

As BlackBerry slowly bleeds enterprise customers they are also moving quickly to stem that bleeding and corner their competitors through a combination of software flexibility and high touch marketing.

The initial public offering (IPO) of MobileIron is set up with the intention to sell 11.1 million shares which has the potential to cost up to $111 million. This values the firm at a market capitalization close to $700 million. This more or less suggests that the firm intends to ask about 7 to 8 times sales which shoots out a shareprice of between $8-$10 from the IPO.

I’d mention Good and their potential IPO but they are much smaller overall and actually showed some billing decline the the last quarter despite a modest growth.

Anyway, aside from AirWatch getting scooped up by VMware for around 1.54 billion. BlackBerry just announced over 1 Million EZ Pass migration licenses have been granted in a very short time frame. BlackBerry boasts more EMM customers than all of their top competitors combined. Doubling down on a clear price scheme with EZ Pass and delivering a stronger cross platform secure EMM tool will give them the flexibility to continue supporting a broad range of customers across highly regulated industries and enterprises.

The IPO of these other companies bodes well for BlackBerry and suggests their offering is at a market cap of around 4 billion. BlackBerry still has a strong foot in enterprise and solidifying their offerings of BlackBerry 10, BES12 and eBBM can further establish their end to end solution in a growing, disruptive market. Competition breeds innovation and BlackBerry is in a healthy position to do just.