Mobiroo is looking to take away potential customers from MobiHand and even the official BlackBerry App World with app gift cards. Mobiroo only fills their online store with “the very best in apps and games”.

Mobiroo app gift cards come in $15 and $25 denominations and are available at top retailers including Target, Future Shop, Best Buy Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, Carphone Warehouse, GameStop and more.

With the Mobiroo app gift card you can:

  • Start downloading top paid apps in seconds!
  • Get exclusive value pricing for top paid apps! $25 gift card gets you $35 worth of apps, $15 gift card gets you $20 worth of apps.
  • The world of apps, simplified – save hours in your search for top mobile apps. You want the best, we give you the best!
  • Finally, a way to get mobile apps without a credit card! 
  • All our apps have been tested to ensure the utmost of quality for you.
Check out more info on Mobiroo and the app gift card for BlackBerry here.