We’re giving away 50 FREE copies of MobiShark modem to the first 50 people!

Brought to you by BBLeaks and The Dark BB

Why use MobiShark:
  1. It’s Economical – You already pay a
    monthly charge for your Blackberry device service. Why not take
    advantage of the option of using your Blackberry as a modem? As long as
    you got your laptop and BlackBerry with you, you’ve got internet access
    no matter where you go.
  2. Ease of use – It’s easy to setup and requires little or no computer experience. 

The advantages:

  1. NOT being stuck at the airport without an internet connection.
  2. NOT at a hotel paying outrageous internet usage fees.
  3. NOT paying monthly mobile carrier BlackBerry “tether modem” monthly subscriptions.
  4. NOT paying high monthly phone bills because you went over your limited data plan.

Give-a-way Guidelines:

  • Register on our forums and make 5 quality posts.
  • Once you’ve posted in the forums, please make a comment to this post, signaling that you’ve completed all-the-above.
  • Please include your e-mail address you’d like MobiShark sent to in your comment

The first 50 to do just that gets a free copy of MobiShark modem!
Please allow 7 business days to receive your copy of MobiShark.