The first ever non-BlackBerry made app to go into the Beta Zone, MockIt!, is now officially out of beta, and in BlackBerry World. If you didn’t test out MockIt! while the beta was going on (you can watch our hands-on video with MockIt! here), we’ll fill you in on what this awesome app does. MockIt! is a 100% native meme and collage maker that allows the user the most customization out of any other similar app out there. Creating your own custom meme is ridiculously easy with MockIt!, as is adding text and sharing to your contacts. Aside from memes, you can also mock up your own screenshots to make some seriously nice looking high-res renders.

MockIt! MockIt!-2

MockIt! also lets you make collages in the most simplest form possible. There are over 20 different templates so the combinations of arrangements for your photos are pretty extensive. MockIt! also lets you download stickers to add to your creations, allowing you to give your pictures that personal touch you want.

MockIt!-3 MockIt!-4

Full list of features for MockIt! for BlackBerry 10

  • Natively built
  • Meme generator
  • 6 available color schemes for the UI
  • Device Mock creator
  • Photo Frame studio
  • Two free sticker collections
  • 20+ Photo Frame templates
  • Smooth, beautiful, and fast interface

MockIt! is also free, which in my opinion automatically makes it a must download app. You can purchase stickers packs within the app if you so decide to, but it’s obviously not required. MockIt! supports all BlackBerry 10 devices with OS 10.2 and up. The download link is below, but it may take BlackBerry World a little bit to process, so don’t be alarmed if it’s not live just yet.