Georgina Campbell has penned an entire novel using only her BlackBerry, which has now been published. A tech-savvy mother-of-three has shunned the classic pen and paper method of book-writing and written her debut novel using only her BlackBerry.

Georgina Campbell decided to write her first book after a bet with her 14-year-old daughter, Lorra, and wrote all 55 600 words on her cellphone memopad, something normally used for writing shopping and to-do lists.

The 41-year-old said she made a bet with her daughter after watching 2011 British movie Attack The Block last year – a film about a street gang in south London fighting off an alien invasion.

Campbell, of Vauxhall, south London, said: “Lorra and I were watching this movie Attack The Block and she thought it was brilliant. “I thought it was rubbish and said I could write a better script, so we challenged each other to write something.”

She said that as soon as she started writing on her BlackBerry, she became “immersed” in the task and soon rattled out more than 55 600 words, filling up 200 pages in just four months.

The end-result was a book called The Kickdown Girls about a group of girls growing up in south London, described as a “gritty thriller”, which has now been published.

Campbell, who has worked as a chef at the US Embassy in London and the trendy Beach Blanket Babylon Bar in Notting Hill, said: “I started typing on my BlackBerry because it was something I had with me all the time and could easily just take out and start typing anywhere.

“I was writing on the train, on breaks at work, waiting for a bus, having a bath, when I was walking around – anywhere. “It took over my life – all I thought about morning to night was writing the book.”

Campbell left school at 15 with no qualifications and ended up in care during her teenage years. “When I started writing the book, I would normally do it after a 12-hour shift at work and it would be a breeze. I loved it and wrote through the night.

“It was almost like a holiday. I’d just sit down and start typing the book on my BlackBerry using my two thumbs. It was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done – and to have it published is just amazing.”

She said her daughter Lorra had only managed to write 10 pages of her own book, adding: “But she’s still got plenty of time.”

The book has now been published by Memoirs Books and is on sale on Amazon.