JUST KIDDING! In fact, BlackBerry themes are hugely popular. What matters most is that some themes make bank. Yes, themes can generate a substantial revenue stream that it can sustain some developers as their sole livelihood. If these money-making themes are sold through App World, RIM cashes in each time.

Does RIM not really care about making this extra money from App World? It’s an easy kickback they would make for doing nothing but giving developers the platform to market themselves. With no mention of BlackBerry Theme Builder 7 during DevCon 2011, it would appear that they have no interest in the potential revenue. RIM was late on getting Theme Builder 6 released before OS6 devices, but at least they announced TB6 during last year’s DevCon.

Where does this leave BlackBerry theme developers today? Probably as impatient and confused as you are about the lack of PIM apps for the PlayBook. These developers are chomping at the bit to start developing themes for BlackBerry 7 devices and hopefully BBX (whenever it does release). We can only hope RIM intends to keep the theme developing aspect of BlackBerry alive. Not having themes will change the BlackBerry experience as we know it.