Morgan Stanley currently employs BlackBerry 7 devices to some of its 55,600 employees. However, the company is reportedly holding off on upgrading to BlackBerry 10. This is due to pressing concerns that BlackBerry may not back its platform long-term, according to two people with knowledge of the bank’s plans.

Now that BlackBerry 10 has been out for more than five months, Morgan Stanley would normally have a timeline set to upgrade. Morgan Stanley has reportedly chosen instead to keep using earlier models such as BlackBerry 7 devices until it gains assurance of support for BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry recently announced a board committee with JP Morgan to assess the company’s future with strategic partnerships, privatization, or an outright sale. Morgan Stanley, and now other corporations, may likely not take the leap to BlackBerry 10 with such uncertainty.

In light of the Morgan Stanley news, BlackBerry spokesman Adam Emery said, “We remain steadfast in our commitment to our customers and shareholders. We believe in our innovative technologies and we are laser-focused on delivering long-term value.”

Though, we can all think of the pain corporate and government clients must be feeling with the pathetic support of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Let us hope the same cannot be said about the BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

“If you think the company will be sold or disappears, why buy a couple hundred new devices? When something breaks, you might not get support,” Roger Entner, an analyst at Recon Analytics LLC, said in an interview. “It’ll probably put a damper on purchases of BlackBerry devices.”

via Bloomberg