Many have wondered how BlackBerry would monetize BBM now that it’s gone multi-platform. We previously reported that BlackBerry was looking to use ‘sponsored invites’ through BBM Channels, as outlined in a Beta Zone survey.

Furthermore, we explained why BBM would remain free on other platforms due to BBM Channels. According to the Android BBM beta, we will see these Channel ads coming soon.

There will apparently be two types of ads on multi-platform BBM:

  • As sponsored invites in the invites section of BBM
  • As sponsored Channel posts in the Updates section of BBM

Fortunately, these types of ads on BBM do not sound too intrusive and annoying. However, if BlackBerry does not allow you to filter out their notifications, that could have you erroneously checking your device each time. Let us know your thoughts on BBM ads in the comments below.