Images of a purported next-generation full-QWERTY BlackBerry have surfaced on a Chinese website. MaxPDA has been relatively credible in terms of their BlackBerry leaks. Earlier we reported on their PlayBook OS 2.0 screenshots that made their way out. We aren’t ruling out that the above pictured device could merely be a Chinese fake. The keyboard is unlike any past keyboard BlackBerry users have become accustom to. Then again, RIM could be trying to re-invent their design, but the keyboard doesn’t look all too revolutionary.

The picture quality is pretty terrible, as with most spy shots. Is it that hard to take a clear pic?! Nonetheless, as you can see, you can barely make out the UI style for the operating system. Is it QNX? Can’t really tell. Apparently, more information regarding this device is supposed to release soon. Rumors so far have suggested that the only QNX style BlackBerry currently in development is a slate device, but we wouldn’t rule out RIM designing a QWERTY version too. Take all of this with a grain of salt, but what do you make of the pictured device? Is it a fake, prototype, or possibly a next-generation QNX superphone?