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In this episode of N4BB Audio Show, we got the chance to have Research In Motion’s Adam Stanley, who is the Application Development Consultant, and Patrick Mollins, who is a BlackBerry Evangelist. Everyone is psyched for the upcoming BlackBerry World and BB10 Jam. We’re going to see a lot of BlackBerry 10, Hackathons, training, and much more while at BB10 Jam.

With Adam and Patrick, we discuss how HTML 5 is a growing platform, ways they’re working with developers for the future of BlackBerry 10. The best part about it all is the Dev Alpha devices RIM will be passing out to developers who attend BB10 Jam. RIM has big plans for the devices and we’re told, while they’re just developer prototypes, the Dev Alpha’s will be amazing devices.

Take a listen to this episode and keep it locked to N4BB next week while we’re live at BlackBerry World and BB10 Jam!