When the new school year comes around, getting ready for the fall semester usually involves getting stocked up.  Whether you’re a parent, on your own, or are simply trying to save a little extra cash on those yearly sales, the back-to-school season has something for everyone.  We’ve put together a very BlackBerry-centric guide on how to start the year off right.


First things first, you’ll need a new phone.  That busted-up curve, laggy iPhone 3G, or shatterred Android isn’t going to cut it anymore.  No amount of tape, crazy glue, jailbreaking, or rooting can save it.  You need a phone that can keep up with you without going broke though.  Back-to-school is a great way to take advantage of the sales that carriers are offering.  In my mind, no other BlackBerry phone will do besides the Z10.

At Telus, get a lightly-loved Z10 for free on a 2-year contract!  If you’re on another carrier, you can buy the phone outright for 400$ and then unlock it to work on Rogers, Bell, AT&T or T-Mobile.



Sometimes, you’ve just gotta get your tunes on.  When jamming out with your headphones gets a little lonely, why not share the sound with the BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker.  It’s small, clippable, decent-looking, and its wireless.  The sound isn’t going to put Bang and Olufsen out of business, but it might just be convenient and cool enough to be just what you need.  The neat clippable shape makes it great to carry around without actually carrying it around.   Check it out at the Source (or anywhere else you find that’s cheaper).




When you’re out hitting the books, you’re bound to be checking Twitter, Instagram, or BBM on a regular basis.  You don’t want to run out of battery though, as the Z10’s 1800 mAh battery isn’t the largest.  Thankfully, we have the technology!  With the Z10 battery charging bundle, you can always have the piece of mind of falling back to a spare battery when you’ve run down your original battery dry.  I can personally attest to how useful this can be.  Until the Z30 arrives, us full-touchscreen BlackBerry users will have to find ways to get around the small battery of the Z10 if you’re a heavy user.



Charging Dock

Have a BlackBerry Q5 for its QWERTY awesomeness without the Q10 price?  Why not invest in a dedicated charging pod on your bedside end table for a more fashionable way to wake up to, “Damn, its Monday”.  Reminiscent of the BlackBerry 9850/9860 charging dock, less is more with the Q5 dock.  You can keep it hooked up to your work computer at work as well, for a way to charge and sync your Q5 at the same time. Check out the Q5 Desktop Cradle at the SHOP4BB online store.





We’ve all been there.  Six beers too many can lead to chips, scratches, scuffs (oh, the scuffs), and shattered dreams screens when it comes to our smartphones.  This is why its always good to wear protection, err, phone protection that is.  Few cases do as well of a job of this while look stylish.  Enter the BlackBerry Skidproof Plastic and Silicone Dual Layer Case.  The case itself comes in a ton of colours, even pink for the ladies!  The cutoff at the back just screams, “Yeah, that’s right, it’s a BlackBerry”, giving other little doubt that you mean business.  Check it out for at SHOP4BB.com, here.