Welcome to another edition for N4BB Live! Today we’ll be discussing the upcoming BlackBerry Z3 aka Jakarta, recent BBM updates, and Mobile World Congress.

If you’ve been following N4BB, you saw our exclusive report on the BlackBerry Z3. This device will be the first Foxconn-built BlackBerry device, which is expected to release sometime in March 2014.

BBM received a large update, bringing Voice and Channels to the iPhone and Android. Additionally, users now have access to nearly 200 BBM emoticons. But, that wasn’t it, BlackBerry is rolling out a new feature called BBM Stickers, which will surely be a hit.

Mobile World Congress is right around the corner. BlackBerry is expected to announce the BlackBerry Z3 during the conference. We’ll know for certain whether or not the renders we unveiled are accurate.

Nonetheless, tune in to our podcast to hear us discuss all about it and chat along below. Stay tuned in the coming days for all the latest coverage!