Ever since we made the tough decision to pull our app from BlackBerry 10, users have had to rely on our website to access content.

Along with a great web experience, we’ve ensured there are ways users can be notified of our content. Through many outlets on social media and strong support of BBM Channels, there’s no way you can miss a notification of our latest articles.

But, from time-to-time, users like just visiting our site on their own regardless if they’ve seen a news update. Nevertheless, we’d like to show you how to easily create a browser bookmark that acts as a web launcher in BlackBerry 10.

In the past with legacy BBOS, you’d have to install a separate app. Not anymore, as it’s only a few steps from within the native BB10 web browser.

As shown in the featured image above, when visiting N4BB.com simply click the three-dotted settings option to the right. This will slide out options, one being “Add to Home Screen.” Click it, then feel free to change the title, and hit save.

The N4BB icon will automatically get pulled from our servers and saved to your device. It will now appear on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone as if it were an app. Now you’ve just added a browser bookmark for N4BB!