RIM has said they would eventually release a native e-mail client for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Our guess is we won’t see that until the 3G/4G version is released. Nonetheless, 3rd party developers have been on the ball with pushing out their own native e-mail clients, which will support multiple services. The latest is aMail from AiFlex, which looks to support IMAP, SMTP and POP3 accounts with secure logon and password details over a secure connection. Also allowing easy to setup GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Live e-mail preset configurations, which only require username and passwords to setup.

Features include:

High Performance Native Application

  • Uses the best features available to sync with mail servers
  • High performance and rapid message download from accounts

Secure Access and local file security

  • Supports common standards of mail system POP3 and IMAP4
  • Access multiple mailboxes securely (uses SSL / TLS)
  • User account details are always secure
  • Local mail files are encrypted

Easy Message Viewing

  • Swipe down for email accounts overview. Use your on device soft keyboard, swiping up from the lower bezel edge for text input. Animated message transitions.

Convenience and Ease of Use

  • Manages up to 10 email accounts separately from within a single App
  • Work offline when not connected and synchronize later
  • Direct type input
  • Smoother interface than using Webmail in local browser

aMail has been submitted to App World and will be available once it is accepted. Hit the break for a video demonstration of aMail.


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via TFTS