Native BlackBerry developers have been a rarity these days. There is only a handful of “big name” developers still dedicated to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Unfortunately, one of the more recent successful developers, who created Inst10, Twittly, Snap2Chat and more, will be ending future BlackBerry 10 app development.

NemOry Studios announced via Instagram that due to everything pointing to BlackBerry moving towards an Android-only future, he has decided to move on to iOS development.

Fear not, though, NemOry said he will maintain his current apps for BlackBerry 10. This will hopefully mean they’ll never get stale or not work in future BB10 updates.

It’s sad to see one of the last (if not the current most) popular native BlackBerry 10 app developer drop the platform. NemOry has been very influential with giving BB10 users some solid, native alternatives for social networks that otherwise do not support BlackBerry.

It is understood, however, as at the end of the day NemOry has to keep food on his table. Perhaps, NemOry will decide to include Android apps in his upcoming product cycles and we’ll see new things from him in the future (that can be installed onto BB10 or an “Android-powered” BlackBerry).

Thank you NemOry for all that you had developed for BB10. You will surely be missed by the BlackBerry community!