Looking to kick it old school? You can now get an NES emulator on your BlackBerry PlayBook thanks to the FCEUX port. To get the NES emulator working, follow these steps:

Download the FCEUX port file here.

Use DDPB to install the .bar file

Upload your *.nes roms into z:/misc/roms/nes which is /accounts/1000/shared/misc/roms/nes on your playbook.

NES pad like layout on bottom of screen in landscape mode. You can swipe down to see controls ( TouchControlLibrary + SDL ) and move keys around. A file called sdl-controls.xml defines the actual layout you can fiddle with this.

Tap top left of screen to load another rom in the directory. Check out the video below of the FCEUX NES emulator port working on a PlayBook.


On a BlackBerry? Click here for mobile YouTube video

via froggyface

Thanks Cam for photo!

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