Netflix Releases App Update 4.5523 for Android

Since the playbook originally released BlackBerry faithful have been praying and wiating for Netflix to bring their popular streaming app to their devices. With BlackBerry10   now available and off to a good start we have seen apps like Skype , Kindle and many more make their way to BlackBerry World. Unfortunately Netflix still remains the holy grail for the US markets along with Instagram. At least Instagram has said they will support Blackberry 10 which leaves Netflix as the odd man out.

In an interview with CTVNEWS,  Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said he has never used a BlackBerry 10 and that people with BlackBerry devices don’t interact with their smartphones as an entertainment device. I was so shocked to hear such a moronic and idiotic comment like that from a CEO of a company with stature. I am not going to explain to someone who has never used the device why its a pretty damn good entertainment device but for us who own a Z10 know first hand how much entertaining our phones are, hence why no Music Label or Movie Studio has turned BlackBerry down.

Any how here is the direct quote from Netflix CEO

CP: You’ve been quoted as saying that you’re always trying out a new smartphone or tablet to keep up on new technology. Have you tried one of the new BlackBerry 10 devices yet?

Hastings: No. Like many people I was a BlackBerry addict from 1997 or 1998 through to the iPhone but I haven’t tried it. We don’t currently support streaming on the BlackBerry, it’s a unique operating system you have to target, and unfortunately there’s just not enough volume for entertainment (apps). It’s a great device for getting work done but people don’t interact with it as an entertainment device the same way they do with say an iPhone or Android phone.