The Netflix Flixtape

Netflix has announced a new type of playlists for its users, called the Flixtape, which lets you group shows and movies according to mood.

It’s sort of like a mixtape, but consists of your favorite TV Shows and movies on Netflix. Mixtapes are a bunch of random songs used to express a certain type of emotion, mood, or message.


Flixtape is similar to a mixtape and can be created for a particular emotion, mood, theme, or a message. Are there any particular shows or movies you like to watch when you’re happy or sad? You can add all those shows/movies to a Flixtape and view it whenever.

There is a limit to how many items you can add to the playlist. As of now, Netflix allows a maximum number of 6 titles that you can add to a Flixtape.

How to Create a Netflix Flixtape

It’s easy to create a Netflix Flixtape by the way. Firstly, think of a name for your Flixtape, then add up to six movies or tv shows. Netflix will suggest you three titles based on what kind of playlist you’re creating. You can choose to include these or replace them with what you like.

You can only add an entire TV show or a full movie. Episodes and clips aren’t allowed to be added to the playlist. Too lazy to make a Flixtape, you can choose from one of the many made by Netflix.

Once you’ve added the content, you can choose a cover art, which is customizable. You can add doodles, a friends name, and even type out a message. And that’s about it. Your Flixtape is done.

Now, you can share your Flixtape with the world via Twitter or Facebook. If you want to keep it personal or share it with only a few people, you can send a link using email or text. Both you and the person you share the Flixtape with, will need to have a Netflix account to view the playlist.

This is a nice and easy way to create playlists, and for Netflix to learn and suggest what you like.

Are you ready to create your very first Netflix Flixtape and share it with the world?