We’ve gotten a few reports of a new BBM beta making its way to the Beta Zone this afternoon. This beta, like previous BBM betas, is limited to a very small number of people, so if you haven’t gotten an invite for it, you’re not alone. Don’t worry too much though, this beta is focused more on stability, and performance upgrades, and doesn’t have anything really new to show aside from a couple of UI tweaks as shown below.


BBM beta update

If you receive the email, the new update should be available in the Beta Zone app. Some are trouble accessing the Beta Zone app, and blackberry.com/beta right now, so it could take you a little bit before you’re able to download it. No word yet on whether this beta is also for Android, and iPhone, but if we find out, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Have you received an invite to the new BBM beta? Let us know how you like in the comments below!