The BlackBerry 10 floodgates have now been opened, after the first live image of L-Series. The latest images show the settings menu, which we can clearly see an option for the rumored BBM Video chat feature. The rest of the menu items are in Thai, which we sadly cannot translate.

The remaining images below show off the keyboard, which you can see shows the Thai language quite well. It is also different from when RIM originally demoed the keyboard at BlackBerry World. You can also see that the third image confirms the device will come at 16GB variant with the option for expandable memory via MicroSD.

What do you think of BlackBerry 10 so far? There’s no telling just how old the version of BB10 OS is running on these units, but you at least get the initial idea. Sound off in the comments!

via PDAMobiz

Thanks Cam & Kojita!