We’ve received word on a new BlackBerry Pearl currently in development. We do not know a model number or its expected release date. What we have been told about the new Pearl is that it will be for a whole new audience market than traditional BlackBerry devices.

The new Pearl will be focused on those who want a simple phone, but still want the great experience of a BlackBerry with the push e-mail, etc. The keyboard will be completely different with only 12 or 14 keys. Basically, there will only be the 0-9 and * # keys that will house three letters on each number key. RIM wants to make the new Pearl appealing to those who want a less “confusing” BlackBerry.

We don’t have any additional information at this time. It will be interesting to see if this new Pearl does arrive and if its intended audience picks it up. As we receive new details we will be sure to fill you in!