Are you still excited with that BlackBerry PlayBook you just bought? If you’re not for some odd reason, we’re happy to inform you that there will soon be a second option. We’ve received a few new details on the BlackBerry PlayBook 2 from one of our sources. Yes, that mythical 10-inch variant we’ve heard rumors about. We can confirm that the PlayBook 2 will definitely sport a 10-inch screen, with possibly a higher resolution. Also confirmed are the following:

  • Black & white colored models
  • SIM card slot
  • 4G/WiFi only, no 3G version
  • Thinner frame around screen
  • Able to connect to BES without BlackBerry Bridge

RIM should also update QNX by the time the PlayBook 2 releases, with the update bringing native e-mail, calendar, and other standard BlackBerry apps. We’ll keep digging for info and hope to soon have more. We didn’t hear a release date, but it has been rumored to possibly be during the Holiday season of 2011. Does the 10-inch screen sound more appealing to you than the current 7-inch version? Sound off in the comments, and keep it locked to N4BB for more PlayBook 2 info.

Note: Image above is NOT the PlayBook 2.