If you haven’t already heard the new “BLK Berry” song by Swindoe, you need to! This song is the perfect ringtone for those who are true berry addicts, just like Swindoe. He layed down the track to show and tell what his one and true love is, his BlackBerry Storm. In the song he freely gives out his PIN# 3079E65E.

Swindoe is currently an underground rapper with a lot of talent. He has some great marketing ideas and we look forward at seeing what else he can create. Swindoe is soon to go on tour so look out for him and chat it up with him on BlackBerry Messenger! Swindoe is also shooting a music video for the new track and he needs your help! Send in your videos of you singing or dancing to the “BLK Berry” song.

Checkout the video of the making of “BLK Berry” on YouTube

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Download “BLK Berry” Ringtone

Check out his websites: Swindoe.com & Swindoe Live