Our good friend @BOOSTBERRY75 has given us some goodies to give out in another contest! You have the  chance to win either a code for BerryJoose, which is an app that runs in the background and gives your Blackberry a boost to run more smoothly, or a invite code for Google Voice.
The Rules:
  • You must be a member of the BBLeaks site. (You may join at anytime, it is free, click here)
  • You may only choose one of the giveaways you want.
  • You must have a valid Gmail account in order to receive the Google Voice invite.
  • Please leave a comment with your choice of app and include your valid e-mail.
  • Multiple posts will not count.
  • If you are requesting the BerryJoose app, please state Blackberry device, pin, and OS; Again if you feel uncomfortable with posting this information, enter via email.