Welcome “Calculus I”, the first version of a new mobile educational paradigm. The idea being that a mobile educational app needs to be relevant and social, adding value and even enjoyment to reviewing for tests. It needs to be much more than a PDF of a traditional review book. The application is being developed by PFC Systems, Inc. The company has years of experience in educational and programming ventures and more information on this is available on their Blog.

This app, at this time, is available for all QNX based devices running OS 10.0.0 or higher: Dev A, Dev B, Dev C, Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30. It is being ported in this free Beta version to the legacy BlackBerry PlayBooks with Tablet OS 2.x (LTE and wi-fi). It is intended to review a first semester class in College Level Calculus. An active tab for this free Beta version is the “Review” tab which will provide the student with a thorough review of topics to study:

The Limit
One Sided Limits
Limit Properties
Computing Limits

Definition of The Derivative
Differentiation Formulas
Product and Quotient Rule
Derivatives of Trig Functions
Exponential and Logarithm Functions
Implicit Differentiation
Related Rates
Logarithmic Differentiation

3)Applications of Derivatives
Finding Absolute Extrema
Local Extrema
The Mean Value Theorem
Intro to Anti-Derivatives

App Outlook:

Once the free Beta Version is downloaded 1000 times, a built for BlackBerry version will be made available for a nominal fee (99 cents). After 5000 downloads of the Built for BlackBerry version, this version will be updated at no additional cost to include “Live Tutor”(sm). The “Live Tutor” (sm) tab will connect you to the exclusive BBM Channel: “PFC Calculus I” pin C00123F0F where students can chat live with other students and also obtain live tutoring, initially for free, at a specified level of access.

Once the “Built for BlackBerry”, version with “Live Tutor” (sm), reaches 10000 downloads, the premium version will be made available at a nominal “premium” cost, which will include quizzes and more social aspects, including a game element.

A unique game is being developed to be purchased as a standalone game or as a component of the premium version of the “Calculus I” app. The “Gaming/Quiz” tab will provide students with gaming and quiz options. The “Highscore” tab will provide “Score-Loop” data on the high scores in the “Gaming/Quiz” options.

The developer is leveraging the unique aspects of the BlackBerry ecosystem, which includes BBM Channels and a premiere game development platform based on the stability and security of QNX.


Get the free Beta version of Calculus I in BlackBerry World