Last week, Motorola accidentally leaked the new Moto 360, showing in a short video what might be the new smartwatch. But some recent documents show that we might be seeing the device in two different sizes.

Documents coming from Brazil’s Anatel, a telecommunications agency, have shown two Motorola devices with model numbers 360S and 360L, which suggest the letters indicate the sizes. The same documents show one device having a 270mAh battery, why the other has a 375mAh battery.


Though there aren’t any other details, these documents seem pretty clear. Considering the only real flaw of the Moto 360 for some users was the size, it being a little too big for some (me included) it would make sense.

Apple released their own Apple Watch in two different sizes, the success of it shows it was a smart move, so it would also work for a new Moto 360. Sadly there are no other details and no idea when the device will be launching. Would you buy a Moto 360S?


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