Hedone Design has released a new theme called Pneuma. This theme is simple and straight forward theme with 3D icons and new, but simple navigation. HomeScreen includes TodayPreview (on some versions) and 12 icons that you can scroll up and down.

Pneuma got BQC rating of 9.5 and here is part of their description for the high rating: 

“Visually Pneuma is a darker theme. Laying the 3Dimensional icons over a somber background then adding knock out blue transitions, really increased the punches impact on your eyes. At no point does Pneuma pretend to be something other than a high quality theme. It changes the original view of your smartphone and does so with little agenda. Performance is punctual. HedoneDesign brings meticulous detail to their products. Pneuma wins that exact credibility you all expect and adds an inch. Remains pure. After the end of a long day your going to reap the benefit of confidence and satisfaction with this product on. It’s clear the time was spent to master this structure, yet owning the mystic personality and reliable product we all wish every theme could’ve been from the beginning. A hole in one. Get your own.”

For more information on Pneuma, click here.