Newsy.com is a really great website that takes multiple video footage from various news sources and breaks it down into some of the best news analysis. Now you can view the latest videos on the go with their free BlackBerry app.

Columbia, MO – October 13, 2010 – The Newsy for BlackBerry app version 1.0 is now available to download for free from the BlackBerry App WorldTM. Offering users easy mobile access to Newsy.com’s unique multi-source news videos, the app is specifically designed to utilize the features and navigation of the BlackBerry Curve, Torch, Tour and Storm phones.

The free application’s simple, clear interface is easy to use – users can watch the latest Newsy.com multi-source news videos in just two clicks. Updated instantaneously with the website, the app allows users to browse videos with the easy-to-navigate interface or search specifically with keywords.

Newsy.com is the only multi-source, multi-platform video news service producing daily short videos that analyzes the differences in how a story is being reported by various news organizations.

“In addition to the enormous success of our iPad, iPhone and Android apps, we continue to meet mobile users’ demand for quickly understandable and relevant video news with the Newsy for BlackBerry app,” said Jim Spencer, president of Newsy.com. “We’re bringing Newsy’s superior mobile experience to a much wider audience.”

The Newsy application allows users to share videos via Twitter, Facebook and email as well as read and post comments – which are immediately synced with the website. It also features a ‘Sources’ button that enables easy access to the specific news stories analyzed in a Newsy video.

Offering fresh snack-sized videos including world, business, sports and entertainment, the Newsy for BlackBerry app is a perfect fit for the growing number of BlackBerry users around the world seeking on-the-go news.

Committed to leading innovation in the online and mobile video news market, Newsy.com will continue to develop apps for emerging platforms like Apple TV, Google TV as well as for new mobile tablet devices.

The Newsy for BlackBerry app (minimum BlackBerry OS v5.0 required) is available for free download from the BlackBerry App World: