The Nexus 6 was supposed to release with a fingerprint scanner. Former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside had even confirmed it. Current Nexus 6 owners will notice a dimple on the back, where the fingerprint scanner would have been.

A new leak purportedly shows a Nexus 6 prototype with a fingerprint scanner where the dimple is currently located. The fingerprint scanner is a dark grey area with the Motorola logo still present on the exterior.

Allegedly, due to Apple’s purchase of AuthenTec, Motorola did not want to sacrifice user experience with a poor performing fingerprint scanner, so they opted to cancel the idea altogether.

Fingerprint scanners on flagship smartphones has no question become a staple-point feature. Though, manufacturers should ensure proper usability rather than marketability. The next Nexus device will apparently port a fingerprint scanner, which Motorola has hopefully implemented properly after pulling it from the Nexus 6.

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