The Nexus 5X isn’t the only Nexus device debuting this fall. Google has been working on a bigger phablet with Huawei to launch alongside the smaller LG Nexus. Huawei’s offering will be dubbed the Nexus 6P and thanks to new renders that leaked today, we know it’ll be available in four distinct colors (from left to right): silver, black, white and gold.

As Android Police points out, you can’t tell much of a difference between the silver and white variants in the render, but hopefully in real life the contrast is more obvious. It’s still unconfirmed whether all these colors will be available at once, and in all markets, so we’ll have to wait until the official launch to find out more. The front of the device will presumably be all black, so the differentiations will be left to the back plate exclusively like in previous Nexus devices.

Google is scheduled to announce both Nexus devices at an event on September 29th.