google nexus round smartwatch

How about that, a Nexus smartwatch! According to a new report, Google is currently working on two new smartwatches with round displays.

The new report comes courtesy of Android Police, who have heard from a very reliable source and are very confident about this. The source stated that Google is working on two different smartwatches, both with round displays, but different hardware and sizes.


According to the source, Google plans to launch these smartwatches after announcing the new Nexus phones. The two watches are code-named Angelfish and Swordfish. The source isn’t a 100 percent sure if these will be Nexus branded. However, since Google is making these, they would most likely carry the Nexus name.

One of the smartwatch will have a larger display, sportier design, and inbuilt GPS, Cellular, etc. The other would be smaller in size and lack GPS and Cellular. Expect the watches to look similar to the Moto 360 and other smartwatches with circular display.

A Nexus Smartwatch?

Why is Google making their own smartwatch? Well, the search giants main competitors in the smartwatch ecosystem are Samsung and Apple. Both of them make their own smartwatches and the Apple Watch is doing quite good.

Yes, Google’s Android Wear is used on almost every smartwatch out there, except the Apple Watch, but the growth has hit a roadblock. You don’t really see any new smartwatches, and Google probably wants a smartwatch¬†that best fits their software.

Let’s talk about the rumored Nexus smartwatch. As mentioned before, the smartwatches are code named Angelfish and Swordfish.

nexus smartwatch 1 2
The rumored Google Angelfish (left) and the smaller Swordfish (right) smartwatch

As you can see from the above render, both the Google Nexus smartwatches look very minimalist. The above recreations are based on actual designs of the upcoming smartwatches, according to the website.

The final press renders will slightly differ from these recreations, but we know now what the Nexus smartwatch will look like. However, it is possible that Google may change the design of the final products.


The Angelfish is the larger smartwatch of the duo and will feature a sporty design wherein the housing of the watch will meet the wristband. It will have three buttons, one big crown and two other small ones. This smartwatch will supposedly be 14 mm thick, and will have a diameter of 43.5 mm. Due to the design of the watch, this variant will not be compatible with Google’s MODE bands.


In terms of hardware, the smartwatch will feature inbuilt GPS, LTE, heart rate monitor and run Android Wear 2.0. The Angelfish is supposed to be available in Silver, Rose Gold, and Titanium colors.


This second smartwatch, is smaller in size and also lacks some features that the Angelfish provides. It will have a smaller footprint, around 42 mm in diameter, and will be just 10.6 mm thick. The watch will supposedly have only one button. That’s not bad at all. Also, the Swordfish will be compatible with the Google MODE bands.

As for hardware, the Swordfish will lack inbuilt GPS, LTE and even a heart rate sensor. Once again, it’ll run on Android Wear 2.0.

No other information regarding the watches, such as pricing, branding, etc, were revealed. All we know is, that the Nexus Smartwatch or whatever it’ll be called, will be unveiled after Google’s Nexus phone announcement.

What do you think of the Google Nexus Smartwatch? Will you buy one?