Previously we made commentary on the compromise of Android devices by way of NFC. This was due to a vulnerability discovered in the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

“Through NFC it was possible to upload a malicious file to the device, which allowed us to gain code execution on the device and subsequently get full control over the device using a second vulnerability for privilege escalation,” MWR Labs, founders of the exploit, wrote on their company blog.

This sparked the question: Could BlackBerry devices be compromised using NFC? It wasn’t necessarily NFC itself that allowed for the exploit, so much that it acted as a doorway into the device.

Our report sparked some uncertainty with users. RIM caught up with us to have their Senior Product Manager of NFC, Geoffrey MacGillivray, provide the following statement:

“NFC technology provides BlackBerry customers with a secure, reliable and convenient method for making mobile payments, sharing business information, accessing transit, entering controlled facilities, and more. BlackBerry smartphones incorporate security settings, such as disabling NFC technology when the device is locked, prompting users before file transfers, and providing enterprise IT security control features, in order to help protect customers and their information while using NFC.”

You can hear Geoff speak more on NFC and BlackBerry in our interview with him here. It’s a sigh of relief to know RIM really tackles every angle to ensure BlackBerry is the leader in secure mobile computing. Will you be happier to use NFC with this statement of confidence from RIM?