Near Field Communications (NFC) is an integral part of Bangkok, Thailand. This is my first visit and I can already see NFC being used. In order to open my hotel room at Grand Millennium, I just swipe my card.

Using the NFC chip within the card the door unlocks. It also acts as a ‘key’ for the lights in the room. Placing the room key in its designated slot automatically turns on the lights. That might not be so new, as I’ve seen the lighting system controlled by the room key before.

Nevertheless, imagine how well BlackBerry devices could be used in this case. What if Grand Millennium had a BlackBerry app that pulled all of my guest information, which then allowed me to open the room via my BlackBerry. Then by docking my BlackBerry it could manage a plethora of actions: lighting, coffee maker, etc.

Check out the video below of how it all works:

On a BlackBerry? Click here for mobile YouTube video