This morning, Nick Dawson, Director of Enterprise Sales for RIM, kicks off  Ottawa’s BlackBerry 10 Jam – Enterprise Edition.  Nick is focusing on talking to the enterprise crowd about developing for BlackBerry 10, the strength of the platform, and the mobile device management solutions.

Enterprise apps will be crucial to the success of BlackBerry 10 smartphones as enterprise devices.  Apps can be privately and selectively deployed on employee BlackBerry 10 devices by IT departments.  The control over BlackBerry (and other) devices while maintaining an untouched personal profile is central to experience of an enterprise-enabled BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

While most of what is discussed is what we already know.  RIM is clear that BlackBerry devices will not simply be consumer devices, but will suit enterprise adoption very well.

RIM is committed to helping developers.  Their “Alliance program”, which deals with RIM’s relations with third-party developer teams,  is now renamed “BlackBerry Partners”, signifying that RIM considers its developers as partners for mutual success.

“The goal is to deliver a web browsing experience that is unparalleled”, states Nick Dawson. “We’re going to have smartphones, tablets and other computing devices. We’re already in the cloud.  We’re ready.  We have a global network that is absolutely unique.”

Speaking on RIM’s strengths and experience, Nick explains, “We are uniquely positioned to provide the best platform for both work and play. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is an evolution of everything we have in market today”.  RIM’s heritage is based on providing a proper smartphone solution for enterprises to securely share their information among employees.  You can be sure that RIM is not giving up the corporate side of its business, despite all the new consumer-side additions to BlackBerry 10.