This one is not easy for me as, Nick Kalkounis is someone I consider a great friend. Nick has been involved with the BBM team in many different areas like BBM connected apps, BBM cross platform and in the end as the lead in charge of a BBM Ads, which is a quickly becoming a great cash generator for the company.

I met Nick through another good friend of mine, Vasilli from It was awesome to see many of my compatriots being so involved with my beloved BlackBerry. The funniest part is no matter how hard I tried to use the Greek card to get information out of him he was always as professional as possible. (sorry I have no shame LOL!)


If you want to keep up with Nick, you can find him on twitter @nickkalkounis.

We want to wish the absolute best to Nick, who is joining Topology, a high-tech startup in Toronto, ON founded by George Staikos, the founder of Torch Mobile. It is very good to see all the great minds of the old BlackBerry getting together again.

Topology is developing next generation networking software for PCs and mobile.  The software Topology is developing will enable new kinds of secure, private, immersive communications experiences.

Best of luck, Nick!