Are you the proud owner of a beautiful new BlackBerry Z10? Well, if you are on of those few lucky people you might be interested in loading your phone with some awesome apps. Remember alot of apps have been announced but not yet available for your device. Before we get into it I want to remind all of you that you can still side load android apps. If you need help click here to to find out how!

Now if you powered on your new phone you will see that Facebook , Twitter , Foursquare and LinkedIn are all pre installed. Aside from that and some amazing native apps you will need to go to the new BlackBerry World storefront and get to downloading. Here are some of my must have apps



This app is a social network for beer lovers everywhere. This app is native to the Platform and works excellent. So download it , head to a local pub and check in with your first beer


Espn’s very highly regarded live score app finally makes its way to BlackBerry. Built in HTML5 technology is extremely smooth and very easy to use. You can add your favorite teams and follow all live games right through your Z10

Nobex Radio

This is one of my favorite apps. Beautiful UI build with native cascades. Listen to lice radio from your home town all the way across the globe. Very Very smooth and very easy to use


Ok , we all know that this is an app developed by our own Ross Cheriton but i have to say its an absolute must have! Beautiful UI build in cascades , this app provides all sorts of conversion rates.  This is an app engineers have dreamed about!


You guys know this app from BB7. You can find movies near you , buy tickets and also view trailers. Its now faster , better looking and a much better experience on the Z10.


We worked very hard on providing you an app with the quality you have come to expect from us and i believe we have succeeded. The app is available in BlackBerry World and was build in cascades. Everything N4BB now in  the confinement of an app!  ENJOY!

NY Times

The best the NY times has to offer! Perfect for NY Times digital subscribers. I admit i wasn’t a subscriber but after spending a little time with the app i paid the 99 cents for the first four weeks and then only 3.75 every week. Much cheaper than buying an actual newspaper.

The Score

Another evolutionary step for the app formerly knows as ScoreMobile. The app made its way from the traditional BBOS to the PlayBook OS and now to BlackBerry 10. Its simple and a perfect way to get live scores from all different kinds of sports


This is a fantastic app for our platform. You can browse and purchase tickets for all kinds of events. Really nice ui and very simple to use. I am sure you guys will love it


Last but not least for all my friends who are making the switch from android this is an app you will want!



This is an app that allows you to access all of your music from the google cloud. I love it ! all my music right at my fingertips ready for me to press the play button, doesn’t get any better than that.

So there you have it. I suggest you keep it close here on N4BB as more (about 1000) more of the top apps get set to release on BlackBerry’s new platform