When I have a little spare time I enjoy playing video games. I received an email from a reader who asked me if there were any good games for BBOS. The truth is we don’t have the selection of iOS or Android, but there are a few time killing games you can get. Here’s my top 5 BlackBerry games:

1) Need for Speed Shift 3D

This is one cool racing game! The graphics are awesome and the game play actually matched the playbook. This game makes me very angry at the same time because it shows that you can absolutely develop a GREAT game for the platform! Come on Devs!

2) Angry Pigs and Angry Pigs Seasons

This is my favorite game.  It actually uses a physics engine so you get a very good game action feel. The purpose of the game is to sling shot your pigs and destroy the evil cats. Also big kudos to the developer for frequently updating the app.

3) Crush The Zombies

There is a fascination with zombies lately and this game can help your addiction. Help crush the zombies by dropping heavy metal balls! Requires heavy thinking and results in a lot of fun! So download today and get to zombie destruction!

4) Hangman

This is a free game that could easily take up most of your time. Enjoy different categories and start saying your vowels and hopefully you save the life of an innocent stick figure!

5) Fruits & Ninja

Slice your way to the top! Be careful of bombs and other malicious objects. This is a great game and one of the best selling games on App World. Enjoy!

There you have it, my top 5 games for BlackBerry smartphones! Do you have a game that you absolutely love? Any questions on your minds?  Please let me know at niko.g@n4bb.com and I will gladly respond! Till then I hope all of you are enjoying PB 2.0.