Nimbuzz has launched the all new Nimbuzz application for the BlackBerry OS. The upgrade to the Nimbuzz application makes it the fastest Nimbuzz messenger to this date. It is also one of the lightest applications in the messaging ecosystem. It requires minimum memory space and ensures high speed file transfer.

Nimbuzz has been redesigned for better connectivity on slow data networks and a drastic reduction in run time memory. Some other features were also included, such as bubble chat, contact list separation from chat list makes it user friendly, queuing up of messages in an offline state and contact list loading in 3 seconds.

The Nimbuzz application will support phone number verification making the communication more secure & efficient. This will allow users to find their existing phonebook contacts that are already on platform. The app is available in 19 languages, the popular ones being English, French and Arabic.

Nimbuzz is now available for download from the BlackBerry World.