Nokia recently announced their last quarter financial results. The results revealed that Nokia shipped 7.4 million Lumias last quarter, which is more than BlackBerry sold out of their entire device portfolio.

A year ago, BlackBerry was selling about two phones for every one Nokia Lumia. However, Nokia is still struggling to turn a profit and return to past fortunes.

While the mass media will be quick to run with this report, allow us to remind you that BlackBerry earns more profit per device than Nokia Lumia. For each BlackBerry Z10 sold, it is estimated that it would take three Nokia Lumias sold to match the profit.

BlackBerry apparently even “still makes 20% more per legacy BlackBerry 7 device than Nokia does for their new Windows Phone 8 Lumias.” Nonetheless, Microsoft still thinks they’ve taken the number three spot from BlackBerry.


via The Verge