BlackBerry CEO John Chen is really, really smart. While some may think he speak off the cuff too much, I’ve come to learn over the past year of covering his leadership at BlackBerry that he is as brilliant and as real as it gets.

Today, Chen addressed the “hype” that he and his company have seen recently via a great LinkedIn post. Chen outlines how he’s “been advised to capitalize on Kim Kardashian’s pronouncements that BlackBerry phones are her “heart and soul,” or talk up plans to enter the China market, however preliminary they are today.” BlackBerry’s head honcho mentions that while he’s “grateful for Kim’s loyalty and respect her passion for BlackBerry, but it is not the right time for us to focus on the consumer market.” BlackBerry’s focus has been and remains on “extending our legendary security foundation with new solutions for the enterprise.” Adding, “Nothing is making us waver from that strategy.”

While this may seem a bit harsh if you’re a BlackBerry fan, don’t worry.

“That doesn’t mean that we are giving up on our many phone fans, as you can tell from the recently-released BlackBerry Passport and the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Classic. But we cannot and will not chase sensationalism.”

Chen’s focus is clearly in the long-term success of BlackBerry. This is more clear than ever. And that’s the type of leader BlackBerry has needed and will continue to need.

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