In an enlightening interview with CNN, ex NSA technical director Richard “Dickie” George discloses just how much work went into super-securing U.S President Barack Obama’s beloved BlackBerry. While Obama has openly stated that he will be keeping his BlackBerry, the choice however ultimately came down to the NSA in choosing the model of device.

It took a team of engineers 8 months of testing to assure the security of the presidential line. They not only tested to make sure BlackBerry’s security algorithms were up to snuff but modified the hardware to eliminate any exploitable pieces.

Anyway a fascinating read. Here’s a cool excerpt:

…Both phones would either need to have the same encryption algorithms or use a gateway that would decrypt and encrypt the communications. That means the phones needed to speak the same secret language or have a translator fluent in both of their secret languages.

No Angry Birds for the prez! At least not on his work line that is. After reading the through the full briefing it makes you really appreciate security and what BlackBerry offers. Security is not an absolute, and its incredible the extent with which the Obamaberry was was tweaked in order to mesh and facilitate communications with outside devices.