Research In Motion is having its share of patent trolls this year. RIM is yet again being sued for alleged patent infringement. NV, An affiliate of NXP Semiconductors, alleges that versions of RIM’s BlackBerry phone and PlayBook tablet infringed on patents issued to it between 1997 and 2008. The patents in question relate to design, data transmission and other features of the devices.

NXP seeks to recover what it claims as lost profit, reasonable royalties and triple damages for willful infringements. However, NXP has not issued a specified dollar amount it wants RIM to fork over. “It’s a lawsuit aimed at extracting some money from RIM at a time when RIM is most vulnerable,” said Alex Poltorak of General Patent Corp, a firm that provides patent consulting. NXP has filed its lawsuit on Monday in the U.S. District Court in Orlando, Florida.

via Reuters

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