I’ve had the pleasure of attending plenty of BlackBerry Jam events in the last year and I have enjoyed all of them. Last Wednesday for the first time I attended a BlackBerry Jam “Enterprise” event that was held here in New York City. I do not have a enterprise backround so I was excited to see the turnout and how it might differ from regular consumer developer jam events, and boy are they different. All business all day!

As soon as I registered I walk into the main room to find over 35 devs already seated with Research In Motion Representatives already on top of them giving them assistance and information. Remember the event had not formally started!!! The team under Gregg Ostrowski is one impressive crew! I was lucky enough to get some time to speak with Sebastian Barthelmess who is an Enterprise Mobility Architect in the Massachusetts region. Sebastian and I spend a lot of time talking BlackBerry Mobile Fusion and some of the early adaptation success stories. You can tell he was very eager to talk BlackBerry10 and the evolution of the platform to the future needs of the enterprise sector. Along with Sebastian I met HyunJun Jung who is also an Enterprise Mobility Architect and our own New Yorker native Swale Nunez. Both of them had very impressive presentations and even more impressive hands on time with the developers. I want to emphasize that for the first time in a jam event the presentations were stopped frequently from devs that wanted to ask follow up questions! Like I said ALL BUSINESS! It’s clear to see that RIM has zero intend of letting go of their bread and butter. Enterprise is still the top priority for this company!

After Lunch I had the pleasure to sit down for a one on one with Gregg himself. Gregg is one of those people that you instantly get the feeling that he is the perfect guy for the Job. We spend about 40 minutes talking about the strength of the platform , Balance and everything Enterprise. Gregg didn’t hold back and we spoke about what BlackBerry has to offer in terms of security compared to the competition. The encryption protocols are unmatched and RIM intends to maintain the security it provides now with upcoming BlackBerry10 devices. We will get more in to the technical stuff in a follow up post in reference to our one on one interview.

The Event was a huge success. Out of the total of 70 developers I would say 80 percent were absolutely committed to developing a BlackBerry 10 app for their respective businesses. I didn’t know how important the enterprise side of things was but after this event I can see it clearly! Whether you a consumer a business user or both BlackBerry10 will be the perfect balance! (no pun intended, well maybe a little)