Denis McDonough has only been Obama’s White House Chief of Staff for 10 weeks. Though, he’s been getting stellar reviews. McDonough is apparently a no-nonsense kind of guy.

When it comes to senior meetings, McDonough is known for “his preoccupation with proper, formal process,” and according to Buzzfeed has “imported from [there] a ban on BlackBerrys and other smartphones at staff meetings.”

“He doesn’t allow BlackBerrys in his office,” Bloomberg says. “Everyone entering must park their communication devices in the cabinet outside the door, the same rule as in the Situation Room, where security was paramount.”

The ban isn’t only so employees stay focused. McDonough is more concerned about cyber security. He doesn’t want anyone not invited to eavesdrop on secret conversations.

Although, BlackBerry is highly regarded for its security. In fact, BlackBerry 10 was the first ever mobile platform to be FIPS certified before its release. Is McDonough too paranoid or can no smartphone be trusted these days?

via Washington Post